Rock Climbing


Rock Climbing with Majestic Himalayan

Rock Climbing has become a major sport or leisure activity for thousands of outdoor sports enthusiasts. In itself, Rock Climbing comes in different styles. These include Indoor Climbing, Traditional Climbing, Bouldering, and many others. Though it is generally a risky sport which demands physical strength and endurance, it poses a different kind of challenge, excitement, and adrenaline rush. This is probably one of the many reasons why a lot of people are so enthusiastic about this activity.Rappelling, known as abseiling in Europe, is a climbing technique using an anchored rope, a harness and a special device, called a descender, to lower a climber down a cliff face or other structure. Once connected to the rope, the climber will back off the cliff face until the rope is bearing full weight. The climber can then control the rate of descent. There is some rock climbing sites in Darjeeling & Sikkim hills. Majestic will provide all euipments, accomodation, transportation, Technical experts, First aid kit etc. You just have to come with your bag, we will arrange everything for you.

Rock Climbing Tours

  • 1. Takdah, 1 night 2 days - 77 km
  • 2. Mangwa,1 night 2 days - 62 km
  • 3. Ramdhura,2 night 3 days - 90 km
  • 4. Rocky Island, 2 night 3 days- 78 km
  • 5. Sittong, 2 night 3 days - 60 km
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