Paragliding is the recreational and competitive adventure sport of flying paragliders: lightweight, free-flying, foot-launched glider aircraft with no rigid primary structure. The pilot sits in a harness suspended below a hollow fabric wing whose shape is formed by its suspension lines, the pressure of air entering vents in the front of the wing and the aerodynamic forces of the air flowing over the outside. Despite not using an engine, paraglider flights can last many hours and cover many hundreds of kilometers, though flights of 1–2 hours and covering some tens of kilometres are more the norm. By skilful exploitation of sources of lift the pilot may gain height, often climbing to altitudes of a few thousand metres. Paragliders are unique among soaring aircraft in being easily portable. The complete equipment packs into a rucksack and can be carried easily on the pilot's back, in a car, or on public transport. In comparison with other air sports this substantially simplifies travel to a suitable takeoff spot, the selection of a landing place and return travel.


Paragliding at Gangtok

Name of the Organization : Sikkim Paragliding Adventure Sports Cooperative Society

Head Office : Kazi Road, opposite S.A.B.C.C.O Bank, Gangtok, Sikkim

Reporting office : Reshithang, 150mts ahead of Banjhankri Falls, Ranka.

Affiliated : State Paragliding Association for Sikkim by Paragliding Association of India.

Our organization comprises of all competent Sikkimese paragliding pilots trained under APPI( Association Of Paragliding Pilots & Instructors) and has experiences of many years of flying in various sites.

Our services are:

1: Tandem(Dual) flights: This is for people who want to enjoy the paragliding sport but does not know how to fly paraglider. The passenger is taken for flight by one of our Tandem Pilot, where the passenger has to only sit in the harness and enjoy the purest form of flying.

We operate tandem flights from the following sites:

Gangtok Area( East Sikkim):

Fly 1 :

High Fly( Mountain Range Aerial view) *weather permitting
Takeoff Point : Bulbuley Dara( 2200mts)
Landing Zone : Reshithang Sports Ground( 1100mts)
Flight Time : 15-25 mins
Rate : Rs 5000/ person

Fly 2 :

Medium Fly( Gangtok aerial view)
Takeoff Point : Ani Gumpa( 1450 mts)
Landing Zone : Reshithang Sports Ground( 1100mts)
Flight Time : 5-7 mins
Rate : Rs 2500/ person

Chakung ( West Sikkim):

Fly 1 :

High Fly
0 Takeoff Point : Durpiney Dara(1100mts)
Landing Zone : Jorethang(700 mts)
Flight Time : 20-30 mins
Rate : Rs 5200/person

Reporting time at our reporting office at Ranka for Tandem flights are:
8am-3pm( winter)

Paragliding at Kalimpong


Regular Flight : Start at Delo (near Science City) and landing at Dr. Graham homes ground Distance about 5 km. Duration of this flight is about 15 min.

Cross Country : Start at Delo (near Science City) and landing at Relli Distance about 10 km. Duration of this flight is about 30 min.


Taxi from Kalimpong to start point about Rs.250/- (one way).

The Passenger

The passenger doesn't need to have any privies experience or training. The passenger should wear steady shoes like sneakers or trekking shoes, light warm jacket in winter. However in summer you can fly in t-shirt.

The Flight

Before the flight the pilot gives short information about the flight to the passenger. The passengers also sign a liability form and do the payment before takeoff. After that the pilot secures the passenger in a passenger harness and secures himself in a pilot harness. The start is easy, after a few steps by the pilot and the passenger the glider is airborne.

The duration of the flight is normally 15 minutes or 30 min down. The duration depends on the sun and the wind. At the landing the pilot and passenger takes a few steps when they softly touch down at the landing field.

The Pilots

The pilots are well experienced and they are flying since a long time.


Tandem Fights (Regular) : Rs.3000/- per person
Tandem Flights (Cross Country) : Rs.5000/- per person



Take off area : Jalapahar

Landing area : Lebong Ground

Duration of Fly : 10 to 30 Minutes ( Depending on Wind Conditions)

Paragliding darjeeling has been first introduced by Off road adventure in year 2006.Off Road Adventure have been offering tandem flights, instruction and flying tours in Darjeeling till then. As being the only Paragliding activity provider in Darjeeling till date, we are unrivaled in our knowledge of paragliding conditions, sites and local cultures.

The beauty of paragliding in a Himalayan country is incomparable. Darjeeling unique geography consists of mountains, hills, rivers, lush greenery and much more which adds to a unique paragliding experience. Paragliding in Darjeeling not only gets you airborne, but allows you to fly like a bird and chances are that you will actually fly with different types of birds including eagles and kites. Leave your worries behind as you will be flown by some of the best pilots available. They know the airspace very well are trained to make your short flight enjoyable to the fullest. This flight offers you an amazing discovery of the valley even if you are a novice. Paragliding in Darjeeling gives you superb views of natural landscape and mountain scenarios. Paragliding above main Darjeeling town offers the finest sceneries around Darjeeling tea garden including the aerial view of Darjeeling city. You can see the magnificent views of the mountains like Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Kabru, Mt. pandim , Mt sinolchu etc. while flying over the sky. The picturesque views of dense forest, tea gardens and settlements give thrill and amusements with breath taking experience. In this way, paragliding in Darjeeling offers you some of the best panoramic views on the earth.


Tandem Fights (Regular) : Rs.3500/- per person

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