Bamonpokhri Jungle Trek

Bamonpokhri jungle is a reserve forest. But we take a short trek just beside of the Jungle, left side of Rungsung River. This trek route starts from Garidhura ( 30 Km from Siliguri ) & through the Beautiful Tea-Garden & Forest. You can get various Birds, Tea Gardens in this route. After trek you can take a refreshing bath in the River and eat Tasty Momo from Garidhura Bazar. In Darjeeling Hills you can enjoy lot of Hiking trails with Majestic Himalayan Treks & Tours, an Adventure Tour operator of Darjeeling, Sikkim and Dooars.


Kamala Falls Trek

Kamala Falls trek is such a trek where you can get dense forest, Beautiful water Falls, lake, stalactite-stalagmite Shiv Temple. This trek starts from Kalijhora bridge ( Near Kalijhora Bungalow ) & a easy uphill trek takes 1:30 hr. Hikers can enjoy the thrill of dense forest & after reach at falls you can enjoy the fresh bath in lake. In this jungle you can find various Birds, Flower, Insects, Wild animal etc. After trek you can take Tasty Momo from the shop of Kalijhora Bazar.In Darjeeling Hills you can hike in lot of places with Majestic Himalayan Treks & Tours, an Adventure Tour operator of Darjeeling, Sikkim and Dooars.


Mahananda Lake Trek

Mahananda Lake is a source of Mahananda River. You take a short trek to Mahananda Lake which is starts from Singmari Basti, near Shibkhola ( 32 Km fromj Siliguri ). From Singmari a downhill trek upto River bed then a 1:30 hr trek on the River bed. After arrival at Mahananda Lake you can enjoy a refreshing bath in cold water of the Lake


Pubikhola Trek

This is the nearest trek route from Siliguri. A half hour journey (23 Km) through NH 31A will take you to Kalijhora. Just from the end of the NHPC project area, at the left bank of river Teesta, there is the starting of a trail leading to Joreter village & then Purbikhola. Actually Purbikhola is the name of a rivulet which is a tributary to Teesta. Literally, Purbikhola means ‘eastward flowing stream’ in Nepali. Our destination is the confluence of Purbikhola and Teesta. On your way through the quiet winding path, you will meet occasional passers from far away villages, for whom this is the only connection with civilization. They carry on their backs, mountain products such as 'Fuljharu' (broomstick plant), ginger and cardamom. After arrival at first village you have to take right to the khola route.
After you reach the top of the main ridge separating Teesta and Purbikhola, the rest is downhill. At the end of the downward path is our destination riverbed, Purbikhola. The place is marked by a small bridge, made for the benefit of the tribals of distant villages. Further treks can be done to Panbu, Suruk, Samtahar, etc. Apart from this small bridge, the place does not have any sign of human activity. It is always possible to return to Siliguri on the evening of the same day, but if you can carry a small tent for night stay, then nothing’s like it! Completely desolate and devoid of any human activity, this place is an ideal camping place.


Upper Kandum Trek

Majestic offers a lot of short treks in an around Siliguri. Upper Kandum- Lonku-Birik is one of these treks. This trek is starts from Shetikhola ( 32 km from Siliguri ) and ends at Birik Temple. In this route you can get forest, remote Villages, Birds, flower, Jhoras etc. It is just 4-5 hr. easy trek.


Bagrakot to Kalijhora Trek

Those who are interested to weekend trek around siliguri or Dooars area, they can go to Bagrakot by car & then start your trek towards Lish river upstream. This trek is almost fifty percent on riverbed & fifty percent in hill area. In this route first village is Chunabhati, then Makum & after that you will reach Kalijhora via Joreter village.
Trek time: 6 hr.


Lohapool – Rolak Trek

This trek is start from Lohapool, 45 km from siliguri. After crossing a Suspension Bridge on Riang khola, you have to trek uphill towards Rolak through beautiful villages. This trek is almost 4-5 hrs. On way back you can take a fresh bath in Riang khola after a tiring walk.


Lumbini Falls Trek

There is lot of trek routes around Siliguri & Dooars area. Among this route Lumbini Falls trek is charming one. At first you have to drive to Odlabari & then walk on Ghish river upstream. After 3 hrs walk on riverbed you have to take right turn towards the falls. You can take bath in the falls. After back to Odlabari enjoy the fresh food in a riverside Dhaba.

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