Winter or Summer camp can be one of the most rewarding, unforgettable experiences in a child's life. Camp provides children with a community of caring mentors who provide experiential education that leads to self-respect and appreciation for life. All of the outcomes friendships, overcoming challenges, staying healthy and building character prepare them for bigger, brighter lives down the road. In addition to great friendships and enduring memories, many important life skills are learned at camp. Here are five reasons kids should go to camp:

Camp pushes children out of their comfort zone and exposes them to new activities and experiences that they may not be familiar with. Campers get the opportunity to try out different things and discover new hobbies or passions. By exploring various types of adventure activities, children have a greater chance of finding something that they excel at or that makes them happy.

Camp teaches children to communicate, to work together as part of a team and to be a leader. Leadership is developed by asking campers to fulfil responsibilities that may not be expected of them elsewhere.

Camp provides children with the core values of a strong, moral individual by teaching them about ethics, honesty, caring, respect and responsibility.

The main goal of any well-run camp program is making sure children have the time of their lives. Summer camp is a much needed break from the academic year where creativity, adventure, thrills, smiles and plain old good times are the priority.

Camp schedule :

Day 1: NJP / Bagdogra to Campsite. Fall in. After Lunch Rope knot class. Evening discussion on camping manners. Dinner.

Day 2 : After breakfast Rock climbing for all campers. Lunch. Survival class. Night walk. Dinner.

Day 3 : After breakfast River crossing prog. Lunch. Leisure time. Camp fire. Grand dinner.

Day 4 : After breakfast short trek. After lunch back to NJP / Bagdogra.

Camping Activities :

  • Trekking
  • Camp Fire
  • Rappelling
  • Sky Watching
  • Treasure Hunt
  • River Crossing
  • Rock Climbing
  • Shelter Making
  • Knot Making Class
  • Lecture on First-Aid
  • Fun & Educational Games
  • Leadership Training Games
  • Personality Development Games
  • Conservation of Natural Resources
  • Camping Sites :

  • 1. Uttarey, West Sikkim
  • 2. Rishi, Kalimpong
  • 3. Rocky Island, Sumsing
  • 4. Lingse, Kalimpong
  • 5. Jhalong, Jaldhaka
  • 6. Aritar, East Sikkim
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